Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Planners, Stamps, and Paper Pads

Hey guys! Lately I have been working on some pretty fun stuff and wanted to take a moment to share with you all about some of my favorite designs!!

What is it about planners that is so charming? As a product designer my day is spent creating pretty things but when it comes to my own personal life the business of each day sometimes makes me forget to pick up my sketchbook or play in the craft room. Recently I have fallen in love with planners because it is my way of documenting each beautiful day and inspiring my creativity when I feel I have none left. That is why designing planner stamps and dies for Sizzix has been such a special project for me. 

My planner is an opportunity for me to reminisce on my favorite days by looking at past months and an opportunity to anticipate upcoming adventures.  It is my album, organizer and journal, the place where my creative juices can flow each and every day of the year. I fill it with pictures, notes about my day and write things like how fun it was going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or reminder to myself that I need to wash my dog… as if his stink won’t be reminder enough haha.

Here you can see a snapshot of my design process. Because I am all too familiar with how little time exists in each day, when designing my planner stamps and dies I made them simple and easy to use. Each design is hand drawn with imperfect quirks to add a bit of natural charm to your planner. There are two sets of planner stamps and dies, Make Today Count and Get It Done. They each have cut phrases and fun shapes that when quickly cut out add some pizzazz to your page.

I also have these clear stamps You're My Favorite which are so fun to color in and use for tags, card fronts, or wherever you need an uplifting sentiment. These were some of the earlier products I had the pleasure of creating here at Sizzix and I will always hold them dear to my heart :)

I am also extremely thrilled to mention that my designs will be featured on the Home Shopping Network for their 24 Hour Craft Event!!! My planner stamps and dies, my clear stamps,  and the Geometrics and Basics paper pad that I helped design will each be featured on the show!! Tune in starting at 10 PM PST for the 24 Hour Craft Event to check out some of the awesome product being put out on display!

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