Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Recharge

This weekend was a much needed vacation and refresher :) I spent my mornings sleeping in and my days sketching and adventuring. It's not often I have the time to sketch just for the fun of it but I realize how inspiring and satisfying it is to visually ramble on paper with no expectations or boundaries. On Sunday, I ventured out of the house with my dog and sister to wander the La Sierra Trail Loop. It doesn't take much to make me blissfully content... Hills against a sunset... Happy Katelyn :)

Took a break from sketching to take a pic with this handsome guy ;)

I just love this picture ❤️

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Who Knew Crafting Could Be So Dangerous? ;)

One of the booths at CHA had this amazing dragon on display... I couldn't help but have a little fun haha. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Do I Look Nervous? :p

Our Sizzix media and marketing team did some videos of the designers at our booths. After an adrenaline surge and shaky knees I got through it and am super excited to share it with you guys as soon as the video is available!

Day 2 CHA 2016

Doodles on paper leather with Jen Long's beautiful clear stamp and Lynda Kanase's alphabet stamps. 

Having fun coloring during down time.

Coloring Book - Take a Moment to Breathe

My boyfriend coloring away on my coloring book panels ❤️ Haha I had a hard time not guiding his color choices... Problems of being an artist's boyfriend :p

Planner Pages CHA 2016

Here's a quick look at my Sizzix planner page stamp and die designs along with some of our Sizzix 3D embossing and more!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

CHA 2016!

Posing next to my coloring book panels :)

I am so excited to see people enjoying my designs! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What I Do at Sizzix :)

Hello everyone! Since I started working at Sizzix as a product designer, I have not had the opportunity to share much of my art with you. Buuuuuut now that my designs will soon be made available, I finally get to start posting some of my little creations. I've been biting at the bit to share some of my work with you and now I finally can! Hopefully you enjoy looking at my art just as much as I enjoy creating it.

In case you are not familiar with Sizzix and my work as a designer, I will share a bit about what I do. Sizzix is a crafting company that creates a myriad of crafting supplies ranging from dies, framelits, thinlits, stamps, paper and so much more. As a designer I get to help craft the look of our product by spending time sketching, arduously researching Pinterest and Etsy (haha don't be jealous) and turning approved designs into finalized files for production. At Sizzix we are constantly looking for new ways to explore the crafting industry and create fun and beautiful designs that you all can use for your crafting creations. Soon my designs will start being made available for you all to purchase and I simply cannot wait to see what you end up creating with them!